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Discover the power of Self-Care! Join the #21-4ME Challenge and learn the power you possess when taking care of yourself completely. Recharge and put the focus back on SELF.  Build mental discipline like never before!


A better you begins with taking care of your physical health.


Are you mentally ready to commit to 21 full days?


Emotional well-being begins with you. 


Gaining mental strength is only part of the journey. 

Join the Challenge

#21-4ME Challenge​

The Twenty-One Day Challenge for Me is a simple program designed to change your life and its overall trajectory. The challenge will help you level-set your goals and establish a clear direction for accomplishing lifelong dreams. The intent is to place focus back on SELF to strengthen mental tenacity. 

Are you ready to better manage your daily life, gain more confidence in your career, and establish clear boundaries for yourself and others? Now's the time to take control. The program is simple but, when given 100% effort and attention it has the power to change lives. 



Join a group of like-minded, supportive individuals who are also taking part in the #21-4ME challenge. Get behind-the-scenes details and one-on-one sessions with Coach LaQuita.

Love Yourself!

Ready to start the challenge?

 Click the links below to download the official instructions for each phase of the #21-4ME Challenge.  

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